Jumbo Salad Spinner
Building a 5gal salad spinner for a local volunteer kitchen.


I have been volunteering in a food kitchen for the past couple months. Once a week the Ecumenical Campus Ministries offers a free vegan lunch and routinely feeds over one hundred people. The ingredients are mostly donated by the local food bank, and the rest is purchased with donations. Since it is vegan, we tend to go through massive amounts of salad and all of it needs washing. We currently use our five liter salad spinner dozens of times per session and that takes forever. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could do all that spinning in one go?

DIY Salad Spinner | YouTube

Work Log

13 Jul 2019

I would prefer that my spinner be crank driven, although that adds a lot of complexity. Maybe a pull cord? The cord couldn’t be wrapped around the whole 5gal bucket. A single arm pull would only give 2-4 complete turns of the bucket.

A pair of nested 5gal buckets seems like the appropriate size. This seems like something 3D printing would be used for…

A central shaft for stability is probably necessary.