Some design notes on DIY microreactors.

Work Log


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10 Nov 2020

I’ve been constructing a test version of the microreactor using a few scavenged HPLC pumps. It consists of three inputs. Two are mixed together before the third is added. It is designed to be operated in a coolant bath.


Unfortunately, HPLC pumps are not perfect. They definitely can’t be used for nitration studies.

24 Jun 2020

Project Created!

I’ve probably looked through 30 eBay pages trying to find 1/16" stainless steel tubing. My acceptably small result list of 712 items from this eBay search string:

SS tube -fitting -NPT -fittings -elbow -union -3/8 -1/2 -3/4 -5/8 -adapter -nut -clamp -connector -plug -gauge -MNPT -US -gauges -beer -sleeve

I was still looking for tee’s and crosses so I left those in the search.

I finally stumbled across the Waters line of tubing for HPLC. The reason I didn’t find it before is that Waters labels their tubing in thousands of an inch, not the customary fractions (e.g. 0.062" instead of 1/16“).

Anyway, now I have a decent supply available of longer SS tubes that don’t cost hundreds of dollars (for 50 meter increments).