Projects which are no longer being actively worked on in any capacity.
Visco Fuse Machine
Building a visco/cannon fuse machine for no reason.
Speech Recognition Audacity Plugin
A speech recognition plugin for Audacity for automatic transcription.
DIY Mask
The CDC has recently announced that all persons should be wearing masks when in public. NIOSH approved PPE should be left for healthcare profession...
Growing, fermenting, and curing small scale tobacco: A surrogate project for my father.
TEC Recirculating Chiller
Building a general purpose recirculating cooler for the lab.
Hydrogen torch and atomic hydrogen welding.
Ammonia and Nitric Acid
Ammonia and nitric acid from ammonium nitrate.
Carbon Dioxide Scrubber
Designing a personal carbon dioxide scrubber.
Why you may want to rethink vermiculite media
Using vermiculite in hydroponic media mixes might be troubling for pH control.
Minimal Cost & Nutritionally Complete Food
Minimal diets: satisfy (almost) all nutritional requirements at the lowest cost.
Ubuntu 18.04 on Asus X550V
Getting Ubuntu 18.04 to work on an Asus laptop with Nvidia graphics using a few grub boot flags.
Vermiculite Refractory
A high temperature, insulating refractory exclusively from the hardware store at one-tenth the cost of and better than commercial firebricks or cer...
Light Box
A quick photography light box made from foam and polypropylene fabric.
Reddit Citations
Creating a Zotero shared group by scraping all the citations in the more scholarly subreddits.
Prolog is hard. That is all.
Mini Projects
A list of shorter projects.
Non-Antibiotics and Human Gut
New research in the journal Nature has demonstrated that many of the drugs we take every day may have hitherto unknown microbiome effects: My notes.
An (incomplete) open letter responding to the recent political discourse on the Parkland, FL school shooting on Feb. 14, 2018.
Keylogging and mouse tracking data can be used as a primary endpoint for evaluating the effect of any *quantified self* data that one seeks to trac...
The GRE general test is one of the objective requirements for my application to grad school. I took the test once before and performed "adequately"...
An evaluation of various online courses and eventually a collection of any class notes I am allowed to post.
Graduate School Timeline
Now that my cursory evaluation of [applying to grad school](/active/2017/08/25/grad-school/) has been written I can focus on the detailed implement...
Graduate School Application
Exploring the possibility of grad school.
L-Carnitine Zinc
A few notes on synthesizing L-Carnitine Zinc: a pharmaceutical? for protecting the gut. Possible use in the anti-hangover project.
Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide
Vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP) can be used as a bulk disinfectant. VHP leaves no toxic residue and construction of a crude vaporizer can be acco...
Github Pages Local Build
Some environment work on getting this site up and running.
Alcohol is a common psychoactive drug, and while the initial ingestion can be liberating, the recovery period can be staggering. This page is a col...
I supported a kickstarter a while back to develop a 16-core FPGA based microcomputer capable of running a standard(ish) linux distro. And thus... P...
H2O2 Concentraion
Home concentration of hydrogen peroxide by evaporation.
Methylene Blue
Methylene Blue is a rare nootropic. I experimented with it for a while but ultimately stopped due to its MAO activity. Perhaps I will resurrect thi...
Started with an analysis of some ETFs... Conclusion: [Wealthfront]( does it better.
Spot Welder
Spot welders are used to affix two materials by melting and fusing under pressure without the addition of filler material. A simple spot welder can...
An example of purification by recrystallization using potassium chlorate.
Simple, homemade electronic igniters from easy materials.
Chlorate Decomposition
Making chlorates with electrochemistry is fairly easy. Perchlorates are quite a bit more troubling. Unless, of course, you just heat your chlorates...
IEC Fusion
For a senior project in high school I elected to build a fusion reactor for some reason. At the time, I was the youngest person (15) to ever attemp...
Tesla Coils
Tesla coils were my first and probably my longest deep dive into a project. I built my first coil around age 12. I even won first place at a region...