Projects which are currently in the research, building, or editing phases.
Fruiting Chamber Controller
Building a controller for my mushroom fruiting chamber.
Chlorates and Perchlorates
Some notes on advanced chlorate and perchlorate electrosynthesis.
Powered Rower
A homemade motor-driven exercise rowing machine.
Thermoacoustic Refrigerator
Maybe a 3D printable acoustic cold trap?
My go-to recipe reference. Some have been copied from other websites. Some are my own creations.
3D Printing
Some Fused Deposition Modeling stuff.
Grow all the things!
Some design notes on DIY microreactors.
Syringe Pump
Tweaking the open source designs of syringe pumps for some microreactor tests.
Laminar Flow HEPA Filter
Building a HEPA filter unit to take my sterile technique to the next level.
Attempting to make coffee taste better and maybe sprout a few seeds along the way.
Marx Generator
Building a high voltage pulse circuit known as a marx generator for Halloween.
Vapor Phase Nitration
Making nitroparaffins by vapor phase nitration.
Growing plants in water: an automated approach.
DIY LED Grow Light
Designing a low-cost, high-performance LED grow light for plants.
Brewing the easy way with ozone sterilization.
Building a specialized growing chamber for wasabi.
Notes on starting a mushroom growing business: L. edodes to P. ostreatus.
Upgrading my personal dev server: Ubuntu 16.04 on dual 6-core/12-thread Xeon X5680s with 24 GB RAM.
Sodium Metal Without Exotic Chemicals
Making sodium metal without using exotic chemicals, solvents, or apparatus.
One-Pot Precious Metal Recovery
Dissolving, separating, purifying precious metals from bulk materials in a single pot with recyclable and non-toxic chemicals.
Producing benzaldehyde for the amateur chemist.
Planting trees on my parent's property for the siblings' retirement.
Nitric Acid
Atmospheric nitrogen fixation for the amateur using plasma.
Primary Alcohol Catalysis
Oxidation/dehydrogenation of primary alcohols using catalysts to form their corresponding aldehydes.
Chemistry Reference
A collection of syntheses.
A few notes on current things I do to stay healthy.
AI Research
Artificial intelligence has held my interest longer than any other topic I have researched. Here are my notes on AI. They are not really for the be...