Thermoacoustic Refrigerator
Maybe a 3D printable acoustic cold trap?


So I need a cold trap to protect my vacuum pump.

Design Considerations

For the initial design we will stick to 1 atm air as a working fluid, a loudspeaker driver, and PLA construction.

Work Log


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20 Mar 2021

Watch Acoustic Cooling & How To Manipulate Heat With Sound (Thermoacoustics Part 2)

17 Feb 2021

Los Alamos lab has a thermoacoustic design program. It doesn’t seem to work out of the box with wine on Ubuntu, so I’ll have to check it out later.

Also, I discovered OpenFOAM: an OS CFD software. It only takes up a gig of hard drive space!

PLA would make a great stack material. It has lower thermal conductivity and higher heat capacity than mylar (0.13 W/m K, 1800 J/kg K) which is a good thing. (Raut and Wankhede 2017)

Ooooo phase change thermoacoustic refrigerator. (Yang, Blanc, and Ramon 2021)

So I’m thinking that I should just model a 3D printable thermoacoustic device and see how well it performs. Run a few numbers in the optimization equations to get basic parameters and see what happens. (Alamir 2020)

17 Feb 2021

Project Created!


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