Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide
Vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP) can be used as a bulk disinfectant. VHP leaves no toxic residue and construction of a crude vaporizer can be accomplished by the amateur. Further investigation is warranted on the possible deleterious effects and practicality of VHP alone or in combination with other disinfection methods (e.g. ozone). Conclusion: buy a clothes steamer.


A handlheld clothing steamer is just about perfect for the job and can be had for a few dollars at a second hand store. When sanitizing an area, fill the reservoir with 30% hydrogen peroxide and plug in the device. Spray down your container when the element is fully warmed. Be warned: a small amount of H2O2 may be left in the element from previous uses and can spray without warning during heat up. Also… don’t use the vaporizer to steam your drapes afterwards.


Heating Element

  • Nichrome wire taken from a toaster
  • Sodium silicate (water glass) refractory binder
  • Variable power supply.

Apppendix A: Sodium silicate recipe

  • 10 ml H2O
  • 4g Sodium hydroxide
  • 6g silica gel
  • Heat to dissolve. Add H2O if precipitate forms.