Graduate School Timeline
Now that my cursory evaluation of [applying to grad school](/active/2017/08/25/grad-school/) has been written I can focus on the detailed implementation and lay out my timeline for the next three months.

Daily Work


  • 1 hour of learning: 3 hours of implementation
  • 10% planning: 90% doing


By Time

** Application Deadlines** * Primary: December 1st * Secondary: January 1st

By Requisite Order

Learn python -> Use python

Work Log

This is mostly for my benefit. Each day has a before and an after in which I reflect on the day as well as some metadata.

Sunday, Aug 27, 2017 - Weekly Review

Before: Today is the day I plan my next three months to four years. My goal is to get into grad school next fall. How do I get there? What do I need to change? Lots of questions. Very few answers at the moment.
After: Quite a few things were answered today. I looked into KU’s research into AI and there basically isn’t any. I need to prep for the GRE. The Dept of Linguistics has a 50th anniversary in a few weeks. That looks fun. I would like to find more colloquy to attend.
Time Spent: 3 hrs

Mon, Aug 28, 2017 - MOOCs

Before: Massive Open Online Courses will be the subject of today’s research. I need to find some classes to start on. I could, of course, just learn these things on my own, but for a number of reasons MOOCs are better. Today’s work will be cut short since I have to travel home at 3pm to return my brother’s car.
After: I spent way too much time with the car ordeal. I created the MOOC page.
Time Spent: 3 hrs

Tue, Aug 29, 2017 - GRE

Before: The GRE is a major contributor to my scholastic success and proof of such. How do I prepare? Last time I took it (2012) I did not prepare and I didn’t do so well.
After: I found a workbook provided by Kaplan. I shall work through it and if I have time I will also work through an additional “Math Workout for the GRE” book. I also finished my research on MOOCs and decided that I must become proficient in Python before anything else. I spent some time on this site as well. I can’t believe I still have all this stuff from previous projects.
Time Spent: 8 hrs

Wed, Aug 30, 2017 - Researchers

Before: The whole goal of grad school is to learn more about AI. I can start that research now and accomplish some of my grad application goals at the same time. Today I should focus on defining my research goals and finding some others who have the same.
After: I think I am more confused. AI just isn’t specific enough. I thought I would just be looking at CS programs, but now I have to look at cognitive and brain sciences too.
Time Spent: 6 hrs

Thu, Aug 30, 2017 - Website

Before: Need to work on the site. Its horrendous.
After: It’s less horrendous.
Time Spent: 6 hrs

Sun, Sep 3, 2017 - Back on the Wagon

Before: I fell off the wagon. Let’s get back to it. Over the weekend I did a few hours of work on the site and some AI work, but not very much. Mostly I spent time watching Youtube :( Today I would like to set up some structure to my days.

Time Spent:

Sun, Sep 3, 2017 -



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