Visco Fuse Machine
Building a visco/cannon fuse machine for no reason.


Work Log

13 Jun 2020

I’m not sure if this project will ever go anywhere. I ordered 50’ of fuse from for $14. Archiving project.

01 Jun 2020

It’s all about the ratios: Fuse collection rate, first thread layer wrapping speed, second thread layer wrapping speed, fill mixture ingredient ratios, fill volume to weight ratio, lacquer coating ratio.

100% cotton thread is used as wrapping material. Cotton is ~90% cellulose and 8% water. Cellulose is made of repeating C6H10O5 (glucose) units.

I love the idea of a self-rotating tracer thread that sweeps powder along.

A 90 degree bend in the fuse wrapping process reduces the accumulation of powder on the outer wrapping thereby reducing premature ignition from outside the fuse.