Grow all the things!
Laminar Flow HEPA Filter
Building a HEPA filter unit to take my sterile technique to the next level.
DIY Mask
The CDC has recently announced that all persons should be wearing masks when in public. NIOSH approved PPE should be left for healthcare profession...
Growing, fermenting, and curing small scale tobacco: A surrogate project for my father.
Attempting to make coffee taste better and maybe sprout a few seeds along the way.
Why you may want to rethink vermiculite media
Using vermiculite in hydroponic media mixes might be troubling for pH control.
Growing plants in water: an automated approach.
DIY LED Grow Light
Designing a low-cost, high-performance LED grow light for plants.
Minimal Cost & Nutritionally Complete Food
Minimal diets: satisfy (almost) all nutritional requirements at the lowest cost.
Notes on starting a mushroom growing business: L. edodes to P. ostreatus.
Planting trees on my parent's property for the siblings' retirement.