3D Printing
Some Fused Deposition Modeling stuff.
Growing, fermenting, and curing small scale tobacco: A surrogate project for my father.
TEC Recirculating Chiller
Building a general purpose recirculating cooler for the lab.
Marx Generator
Building a high voltage pulse circuit known as a marx generator for Halloween.
Growing plants in water: an automated approach.
DIY LED Grow Light
Designing a low-cost, high-performance LED grow light for plants.
Nitric Acid
Atmospheric nitrogen fixation for the amateur using plasma.
Spot Welder
Spot welders are used to affix two materials by melting and fusing under pressure without the addition of filler material. A simple spot welder can...
Simple, homemade electronic igniters from easy materials.
IEC Fusion
For a senior project in high school I elected to build a fusion reactor for some reason. At the time, I was the youngest person (15) to ever attemp...
Tesla Coils
Tesla coils were my first and probably my longest deep dive into a project. I built my first coil around age 12. I even won first place at a region...