Chlorates and Perchlorates
Some notes on advanced chlorate and perchlorate electrosynthesis.
Thermoacoustic Refrigerator
Maybe a 3D printable acoustic cold trap?
Some design notes on DIY microreactors.
Syringe Pump
Tweaking the open source designs of syringe pumps for some microreactor tests.
TEC Recirculating Chiller
Building a general purpose recirculating cooler for the lab.
Hydrogen torch and atomic hydrogen welding.
Ammonia and Nitric Acid
Ammonia and nitric acid from ammonium nitrate.
Vapor Phase Nitration
Making nitroparaffins by vapor phase nitration.
Carbon Dioxide Scrubber
Designing a personal carbon dioxide scrubber.
Brewing the easy way with ozone sterilization.
Sodium Metal Without Exotic Chemicals
Making sodium metal without using exotic chemicals, solvents, or apparatus.
Vermiculite Refractory
A high temperature, insulating refractory exclusively from the hardware store at one-tenth the cost of and better than commercial firebricks or cer...
One-Pot Precious Metal Recovery
Dissolving, separating, purifying precious metals from bulk materials in a single pot with recyclable and non-toxic chemicals.
Producing benzaldehyde for the amateur chemist.
Nitric Acid
Atmospheric nitrogen fixation for the amateur using plasma.
Primary Alcohol Catalysis
Oxidation/dehydrogenation of primary alcohols using catalysts to form their corresponding aldehydes.
Chemistry Reference
A collection of syntheses.
L-Carnitine Zinc
A few notes on synthesizing L-Carnitine Zinc: a pharmaceutical? for protecting the gut. Possible use in the anti-hangover project.
Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide
Vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP) can be used as a bulk disinfectant. VHP leaves no toxic residue and construction of a crude vaporizer can be acco...
H2O2 Concentraion
Home concentration of hydrogen peroxide by evaporation.
Methylene Blue
Methylene Blue is a rare nootropic. I experimented with it for a while but ultimately stopped due to its MAO activity. Perhaps I will resurrect thi...
An example of purification by recrystallization using potassium chlorate.
Chlorate Decomposition
Making chlorates with electrochemistry is fairly easy. Perchlorates are quite a bit more troubling. Unless, of course, you just heat your chlorates...